Happy Halloween! And I started a Youtube Channel!

First of all, Happy Halloween! It's so rare that I actually post on a holiday, because usually my scheduled days don't fall on a holiday. I hope, if you celebrate Halloween, you stay safe this year. I'm just going to stay at home with family as I always do. But my mom is making this … Continue reading Happy Halloween! And I started a Youtube Channel!

I Got Ads on My Blog!

You may have noticed that there are ads now on my blog, probably to the right of this sentence if you are reading it on a laptop. This was a surprise to me. For those who don't know, WordPress has this thing called WordAds that you can get on your website. For more expensive website … Continue reading I Got Ads on My Blog!

Real Neat Blog Award

I'm not usually nominated for awards, but a couple weeks ago The Pine-Scented Chronicles Blog nominated me. I really enjoy reading this particular blog, so you should definitely check it out! I'm not going to do the entire thing (like I'm not going to nominate other people), but I thought at least I'd answer the … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award

Looking to 2020 and Blog Changes

I can't believe it's already the end of the year and 2020 is just around the corner. It seems like yesterday that I made the move from Minnesota to Ohio and then I last minute decided to go back to college...the last year has been honestly crazy for me. Crazy in many good ways. Anyway, … Continue reading Looking to 2020 and Blog Changes

Upcoming Finals, College Update, and Explanations

It is the week of Thanksgiving, which means I have most of the week off from school, giving me a chance to catch up with a lot of homework, as well as study for finals coming up in a couple weeks. I also have to worry about actually celebrating Thanksgiving and trying to catch up … Continue reading Upcoming Finals, College Update, and Explanations

How Blogging Helped My Writing

It seems like an eternity ago that I actually talked about writing, as opposed to reading. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had an idea for a compelling topic, or simply because the more I learn about writing the more I realize how little I actually know. However, in the nearly two years I have been … Continue reading How Blogging Helped My Writing

My Goal to Learn Photography

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce." ― Karl Lagerfeld I've always loved beautiful pictures. Not the pictures that you pass by and say, "That's nice," but the ones that make you stop in your tracks and render you speechless. The perfect sunset on a … Continue reading My Goal to Learn Photography