February 2021 Reading Wrap-up

I can't believe February is already over...it feels like only yesterday that it started. Though I'm pretty sure I say that about every month. This month I read a total of 10 books. Unfortunately, again most of my ratings of these books were in the middle. The majority were three stars, and I had only … Continue reading February 2021 Reading Wrap-up

September 2020 Reading Wrap-up

Sign...so, college is happening. I'm only slightly overwhelmed. Just ignore that I had to write two seven-page papers in two weeks. Just ignored that I'm working like thirteen hour days to just keep up with classes, and I'm used to working ahead. This semester is madness, and it is mostly because of being entirely online. … Continue reading September 2020 Reading Wrap-up

Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

I'm surprised how many books I read this month, with how busy I am with school. Most of the books I've been reading are in the audiobook format, and I find it astonishing just how many audiobooks I can listen to just while I'm driving to school or doing other things. In total, I read … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

Reading Wrap-up: April, 2019

What with spending most of my time on my move last month, I only read eight books and two short stories in April. Hopefully, since the move will be over in about a week, I'll have more time to absorb books. Until then, I left Minnesota behind today and am making the long drive currently … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: April, 2019

Reading Wrap-up: January, 2019

I read a total of 17 books this month, and two short stories. This is over twice the books I've been reading in the last few months. But I suppose being stuck inside the house with temperatures the same as the Antarctic outside might be the reason. Yes, it's really cold here...the morning that I'm … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: January, 2019

Reading Wrap-up October, 2018

I can't believe Spooktober has ended, and NaNoWriMo is in full swing. I usually do this wrap-up at the end of the month, but I was just too busy with other posts. So you're getting it a few days late, but as I always say, better late than never. This last month I read five … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up October, 2018

Books I Read March, 2018

I read way too many books this month, going from 14 books last month to 23 books this month. So…yeah, I may have a problem (my reading addiction is getting worse, guys!). Though, in my defense, some of these were short stories! 1 star • The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay (released Nov. 2017) • … Continue reading Books I Read March, 2018