December 2020 Reading Wrap-up

Finally 2020 is over! I look forward to starting 2021 with a positive outlook and hope for the future. December was a good reading month for me, since I was off over school for most of the month and so I could dive a lot into reading. I read a total of 21 books last … Continue reading December 2020 Reading Wrap-up

My Semester is Over! +thoughts on school during the era of Covid

This past week was finals week at my college, which means I'm finally free from school! For month, at least, until I go back to torture myself...I mean, to learn more. But let's not think about that as I celebrate another successful semester! I wanted to do just a relaxing post discussing my experiences and … Continue reading My Semester is Over! +thoughts on school during the era of Covid

Book Review: Marley by Jon Clinch

Growing up, I was a massive fan of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I have not only read the book multiple times, often around Christmas, but I've seen at least a dozen of the many adaptations of the book (some far better than others). So when I stumbled upon this book, which purported to … Continue reading Book Review: Marley by Jon Clinch

Reading Wrap-up: November, 2019

This month I read 12 books, which isn't horrible, but I also was still finishing a lot of books for October I got for Halloween and didn't have time to finish. So this month felt like I read a mix of Halloween and Christmas-themed books, with some YA fantasy and non-fiction thrown into there. Very … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: November, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Things are hectic at my house, with the holidays and selling my house, so I didn't have a post planned for today. But, since it's Christmas Eve, I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas poem with you. If you aren't Christian, you probably won't care for it, but it's my personal favorite! For reference, Longfellow … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Christmas Songs Book Tag

Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks away from today (Monday, Dec. 10), so I thought I'd do a few book tags this month. Unfortunately, I have searching for some good ones for weeks and had yet to find any I liked, mostly because the questions were pretty generic and ones I've answered multiple times (like … Continue reading Christmas Songs Book Tag

Book Review: Winterfrost by Michelle Houts

This will be the first of many Christmas/winter themes books I will be reading, both this month and probably for the rest of winter. I don't what it is about winter that makes me want to read books set in cold places. Anyway, I was drawn to this book both because of its cover and … Continue reading Book Review: Winterfrost by Michelle Houts