Summer Book Unhaul 2021

As I mentioned in my book haul last week, one of my goals this year is to unhaul a book for each book I buy. In the last six months, I have bought 37 books. So today I'm unhauling 35 books (okay, so I kind of failed in my goal, but I'm hoping to find … Continue reading Summer Book Unhaul 2021

A Massive Summer Thrift Book Haul

For the last six months, I've been collecting quite a few books from thrift stores and Goodwills near me. So I thought it would be fun to share with you all the books I've bought from thrift stores so far this year. As my yearly resolution is to get rid of as many books as … Continue reading A Massive Summer Thrift Book Haul

My Favorite Classic Translated Books

Don't get me wrong, I love British authors like Shakespeare and Jane Austen or American authors like Ray Bradbury and H.P. Lovecraft. But as I've gotten older, I've realized so many of my favorite books, both classics and modern alike, weren't originally written in English. So today, I want to share my favorite translated books. … Continue reading My Favorite Classic Translated Books

10 Non-bookish facts about me

Recently, on my YouTube channel I've reached 150 subscribers. To celebrate, I decided to do a different type of post. On both my channel and my blog, I almost exclusively talk about books (though some of my longtime readers might remember some random movie/Asian drama posts). So today I want to share 10 non-bookish facts … Continue reading 10 Non-bookish facts about me

Are Dollar Tree Books Even Good?

I've watched quite a few videos on Youtube where Booktubers go to the Dollar Tree and buy a bunch of books. A Dollar Tree book haul is pretty common. But I wanted to take it to a different level by buying 9 Dollar Tree books over 3 months and 3 different stores and then read … Continue reading Are Dollar Tree Books Even Good?

Best Book Fathers for Father’s Day

(Turns out next week is Father's Day, so ignore this post for like a week and you'll be fine, lol.) Tomorrow is Father's Day and in celebration of all the amazing fathers out there, I thought it would nice to celebrate fictional fathers on my little blog. Like in real life, fictional fathers can support … Continue reading Best Book Fathers for Father’s Day

May 2021 Reading Wrap-up

Another month is gone and I'm amazed that 2021 is already almost halfway over. Time is seriously flying by so quickly! This month I read 11 books, which wasn't great considering I'm on summer break with not that much to do. However, already in June I've read quite a few books, so I'm assuming I'll … Continue reading May 2021 Reading Wrap-up

Is the book always better than the movie?

I hear this so often. Books are always better than the movie. Even those movie adaptations which are absolutely great still pale in comparison to their book counterparts. But is this sentiment really true? My answer (if you are absolutely too busy to read this post) is that yes, often books are better then the … Continue reading Is the book always better than the movie?

Books I read that I remember nothing about

For me, remembering books falls into three categories. The first are the books I remember well. Usually these are the books I either absolutely loved or I absolutely hated. The second category are the book that, maybe I don't remember everything about them, but I remember that basics of what its about and what I … Continue reading Books I read that I remember nothing about