The Liebster Award+Goodwill Book Haul

A couple weeks ago, I was nominated by Millay from Millays Musings for this award. As always, it took me forever to actually do this post, but better late than never. Be sure to check out her awesome blog! And thank you, Millay, for nominating me! The rules are as follows: Thank the blogger who … Continue reading The Liebster Award+Goodwill Book Haul

Happy Halloween! And I started a Youtube Channel!

First of all, Happy Halloween! It's so rare that I actually post on a holiday, because usually my scheduled days don't fall on a holiday. I hope, if you celebrate Halloween, you stay safe this year. I'm just going to stay at home with family as I always do. But my mom is making this … Continue reading Happy Halloween! And I started a Youtube Channel!

Book Review: Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis

I usually avoid Youtuber's books, simply because they all tend to be autobiographies of twenty-something-year-olds (I really doubt they've done enough yet to warrent an autobiography). But I do love seeing Youtubers who come out with actual novels. I've watched Lindsay Ellis on and off, though I've never actively followed her channel. However, this book … Continue reading Book Review: Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis

Top 9 Literary Web Series

In recent years, there has a boom in series on the web. Whether they are on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Youtube, small production series are taking over the web. Among these web series are those known as literary web series—modern renditions of classic novels and plays. Usually, the length is short (somewhere between four to … Continue reading Top 9 Literary Web Series