Unique Places to Set a Horror Story

If you’ve read and watched as many horror stories as I have, you’ll know that creators love to set their plots around really creepy places, like haunted houses and asylums. But let’s face it: the same old setting can get a wee bit repetitive because few authors seem to find new, unique settings. So today … Continue reading Unique Places to Set a Horror Story

Top 9 Non-English Countries for Cinema

When you hear the word cinema, odds are the picture of American or British films and television will come to your mind. But the world is massive and many countries have created incredible cinema that has been sadly left in the shadows of big budget Hollywood motion pictures. So today I want to take a … Continue reading Top 9 Non-English Countries for Cinema

“Show Don’t Tell” Is a Lie

If you, like me, have been writing since elementary school (whether it is for fun or for school assignments), you will probably have heard the cliché “Show, Don’t Tell” a lot. It is the one critique I have constantly heard, whether from teachers or from peers. It almost seems to be a decided fact, tried … Continue reading “Show Don’t Tell” Is a Lie