The Translated Literature Tag

A few months ago, Diana from Writings on Papyrus created this tag and I knew it was right up my alley. Be sure to check out her blog, because I absolutely love her analysis of all the books she reads. I read so many translated books, especially in the last couple years, so I thought … Continue reading The Translated Literature Tag

My Favorite Book Quotes #3

I haven't done a collection of my favorite book quotes since March, so I thought it was about time I did another one. Similar to my last quotes post, I'm sharing a collection of quotes I found from books I read since March. It's nice to do this both to remember the books I've read … Continue reading My Favorite Book Quotes #3

Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

I'm currently a couple weeks into college, and super busy. During the first few weeks of August, I tried to read as much as possible to prepare for starting college, and I ended up finishing 19 books and 2 short stories. This is great, even more than my average of about fourteen books a month. … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

Reading Wrap-up: June, 2019

I got a bit carried away with reading this month, finishing a total of twenty-three books and three short stories. Clearly summer makes me read...a lot. It's so hot currently in Ohio (about 90 Fahrenheit, or about 32 Celsius). It makes me not want to leave the house unless I absolutely have to, enabling me … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: June, 2019

Book Review: The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

I don't usually anticipate books coming out anymore, because usually I end up getting my hopes up for nothing. But this book looked particularly good, both by the synopsis and the cover, so I decided to read it. And several months after it came out (because I never do anything quickly), I finally read it. … Continue reading Book Review: The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Reading Wrap-up: April, 2019

What with spending most of my time on my move last month, I only read eight books and two short stories in April. Hopefully, since the move will be over in about a week, I'll have more time to absorb books. Until then, I left Minnesota behind today and am making the long drive currently … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: April, 2019

Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (unpopular review)

Why is it whenever I read the most popular books coming out, I always end up hating them? I have heard universally good things about Celeste Ng's books. I was debating reading this one or her debut novel Everything I Never Told You, but I decided on this one because I read several people saying … Continue reading Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (unpopular review)

Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I saw the movie adaptation of this book when it first came out and while it was a little outrageous, I loved the casting choices and the hilarious jokes. My only complaint was the ending was a cliched, boring mess, but most of the movie was fun. Since then, I'm been hoping to find time … Continue reading Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Reading Wrap-up: February, 2019

I read 9 books this month, and two short stories. Not as good as my 17 from last month, but it's not completely horrible. And most of the books I really enjoyed. Before I get to my ratings, let's take a quick look at how my New Year's resolutions and reading challenges are going. Reading … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: February, 2019