My Top Nine Shakespeare Plays

So, you are interested in Shakespeare. Whether you came here looking for somewhere to start with Shakespeare, your teacher is forcing you to research Shakespeare, or you are a hardened fan like me, I hope this article will be at least moderately interesting. I was first introduced to Shakespeare as a child, and I have … Continue reading My Top Nine Shakespeare Plays

Creating Realistic Political Systems in Fantasy Worlds

Since yesterday was the 2017 presidential inauguration (as of when I am posting this article on 1/21/17), I think this is the perfect time to talk about creating a realistic, political system in a fantasy world. I want to address different complexities of creating a political system that many writers either ignore or do not … Continue reading Creating Realistic Political Systems in Fantasy Worlds

Top 9 Literary Web Series

In recent years, there has a boom in series on the web. Whether they are on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Youtube, small production series are taking over the web. Among these web series are those known as literary web series—modern renditions of classic novels and plays. Usually, the length is short (somewhere between four to … Continue reading Top 9 Literary Web Series

Writing From a Historical Character’s Perspective

So, you want to write a book set in any historical time period of your choosing. And your main character is a really cool knight who sets out to save the world, or a Victorian era medium who can see ghosts. Whoever your protagonist may be, they are someone within a world very different than … Continue reading Writing From a Historical Character’s Perspective