Upcoming Finals, College Update, and Explanations

It is the week of Thanksgiving, which means I have most of the week off from school, giving me a chance to catch up with a lot of homework, as well as study for finals coming up in a couple weeks. I also have to worry about actually celebrating Thanksgiving and trying to catch up with my blog.

So I thought this would give me a perfect chance to update you on everything that has been happening, both on my blog and off it, and explain why I’ve been so absent from my blog mostly.

But let’s first go back a few weeks. I got really sick, like I had a bad cold with a fever for a week and then was recovering from it for another week. That got me behind for even the week afterwards. Anyway, my point is if you’ve noticed I haven’t answered comments as fast or haven’t been reading as many other blogs I follow, that is the reason. I finally feel like I’m mostly caught up.

My college is going well, but finals are coming up and I’m working to get a lot done before that. There will also be a few changes to my blog upcoming next year, but I’ll explain that in another post in a few weeks.

You all probably don’t care about my problems, but I wanted to explain why I’m not able to be as active on my blog as I used to be. And also why I’ve been posting so many book reviews, because they’re rather easy compared to all the other posts I do.

However, this coming Thanksgiving weekend, I hope to get a lot of posts pre-done for the end of the year, so I’m less stressed out over Christmas and can actually take a few weeks to relax before spring semester next year starts.

And then I will be really overwhelmed, as I’m taking 17 credits and most of my classes are science or math…but I’ll do a post about that later as well.

For now, I wanted to give a brief update, and wish you all Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the United States.

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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