Coronavirus and College

I was going to come out with a book review today, but with all the madness of the last week, I wanted to give you a brief update on me concerning the COVID-19 virus, commonly called the Coronavirus. As of Tuesday evening, my college in Ohio sent out an email that all in-person classes will … Continue reading Coronavirus and College

Read This Retelling, Instead of That One

I wasn't quite sure what to title this post, so this is what I'm going with. I love reading retellings, whether they are based on fairytales or classic novels. Saying that, most of them are soooo bad. But not all of them. Some of them, hidden under dusty piles of pages, are really good. So … Continue reading Read This Retelling, Instead of That One

A Concerning Trend in Japanese Dramas

I've been trying to get back into watching more Japanese dramas recently. When I first became interested in Asian dramas, it was through Japanese dramas (around 2009). Think of shows like Bloody Monday, Gokusan, Hana Yori Dango, etc. These were what got me interested in Asian dramas in general. But over the years, I haven't … Continue reading A Concerning Trend in Japanese Dramas