Do I Have That Book Challenge

I've been meaning to do this challenge for months, since Lysi from Living One Day @ a Time did it last November. But due to me being busy and then moving (during which time my books were all packed), I wasn't able to do this challenge. But today I can! The main idea of this … Continue reading Do I Have That Book Challenge

Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

I know I've been doing a book tag a week for the last few weeks, but it's mostly because I've been so busy with moving I haven't had a chance to brainstorm blog ideas, or even think in general. Though, hopefully, this is going to be the last book tag for a while. I discovered … Continue reading Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Halloween Creatures Book Tag

I saw this tag come out a few days ago and, since it's Spooktober and I was looking for some fun book tags, I thought this one would be perfect. The original creator is Anthony from KeepReadingForward. As always, I was not tagged and I will not be tagging anyone. Okay, let's go! Witch A … Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag

My Favorite Book with…Forest Green Covers

Are you guys getting sick of these types of posts? Well, sorry, I love can't stop me! Anyway, after red, black, and turquoise, I love dark forest green. Not light green, or lime green, but dark, vivid green! And here are some of my favorite books with dark green covers! The Princess and the … Continue reading My Favorite Book with…Forest Green Covers

My Favorite Books With…Black Covers

After red, the color most likely to be my favorite is black. I love it, whether it’s in fashion, flowers, or decorations. Saying that, it’s surprisingly hard to find books I enjoyed with a predominantly black cover. Though, considering my selection, I’ve realized most black covered books have something to do with murder…who would have … Continue reading My Favorite Books With…Black Covers

My Favorite Book With…Red Covers

Recently I've been seeing a new type of blog post go around where you pick your favorite color and choose some of your favorite books with the cover of that color. But honestly, I love most every color and depending on the day or time I will probably answer differently to the question: "What's your … Continue reading My Favorite Book With…Red Covers