A Massive Summer Thrift Book Haul

For the last six months, I’ve been collecting quite a few books from thrift stores and Goodwills near me. So I thought it would be fun to share with you all the books I’ve bought from thrift stores so far this year. As my yearly resolution is to get rid of as many books as I buy, next week I’ll be unhauling 37 books for all the books I bought, including these.

Also, since some of these books are really old, they don’t always have covers on Goodreads, so I may choose different editions for the pictures of each. But if you’re curious to see some really old copies I got, be sure to watch my Youtube video.


  • The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane (published 1894, my copy 1990)
    • This tells the story of a young man’s experiences during the Civil War. I’ve heard good things about the book, so I’m excited to read it!
  • Bhagavad Gita As It Is (translated 1968, my copy 2009)
    • This is a sacred Hindu text. I’ve read excerpts of it before, but I look forward to reading the entire thing.
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (#1) by Robert O’Brian (published 1971, my copy 1971)
    • I grew up loving the 1982 movie The Secrets of NIMH, so I was thrilled to find the book it was based on!
  • The Rising Sun: The Decline & Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936-45 by John Toland (published 1970, my copy 1970)
    • This book discusses Japan during WWII.
  • The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas (published 1942, my copy 1942)
    • This is one of my favorite Christian books, about the centurion soldier who won the robe of Christ while he was on the cross. I’m thrilled to have found my own copy!
  • The Vogue Sewing Book (published 1970s?)
    • I get into sewing…
  • Sewing Made Easy by Mary Lynch (published 1971) (no picture for this one)
    • Again, sewing.
  • The White House Cook Book (published 1887, my copy 1913)
    • A very old Victorian cookbook with recipes from the White House
  • Great Short Works of Fyodor Dostoevsky by Fyodor Dostoevsky (published 1968, my copy 1968)
    • It’s not secret I adore Dostoevsky’s writing, but so many of his books are so long it’s hard to get into, so I’m looking forward to reading more of his shorter works.
  • A History of Russia by George Vernadsky (published 1929, my copy 1959)
    • It’s pretty much what the title says. I took a class on the history of Russia last semester and I loved it, so I want to learn more about Russian history.
  • Inside Asia by John Gunther (published 1939, my copy 1939)
    • A book about the current state of affairs in Asia in 1939, as Japan was invading China.
  • The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (published 1863, my copy c. 1900) (my copy is not the cover you see)
    • Considered the first detective novel, I found this copy in two parts. Such beautiful, old copies!
  • The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins (published 1879, my copy c. 1900) (my copy is not the cover you see)
    • Another Wilkie Collins book, and one which is supposed to be really good.
  • Life is Worth Living by Fulton J. Sheen (published 1953)
    • This is a collection of lectures Bishop Sheen gave on his TV show in the 50s on life and theology.
  • Young’Un by Herbert Best (published 1944)
    • An old classic about a family living in upstate New York in the country.

New Books

  • Nanjing Requiem by Ha Jin (published 2011)
    • This is a fictional retelling of the rape of Nanking in 1937.
  • Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige (published 2014)
    • I’ve already read this one, and I really enjoyed it! A dark sequel to the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Life of Thomas More by Peter Ackroyd (published 1998)
    • A biography about a Catholic politician who was killed by Henry VIII.
  • Ripper by Stefan Petrucha (published 2012)
    • A thriller/mystery about a series of murders in America which are reminiscent to Jack the Ripper’s murders a century before.
  • The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (published 2003)
    • One of my favorite YA fairytale fantasies. Very fun and light!
  • The Man From Earth by Gordon R. Dickson (published 1983)
    • A collection of short sci-fi stories about man’s inventions in space.
  • Space Paw by Gordon R. Dickson (published 1969)
    • A sci-fi classic about a human man who arrives on a planet filled with a warlike people and must survive.
  • Jingo (#21 Discworld) by Terry Pratchett (published 1997)
    • I know little of the actual plot of this book, but I would love to own all of Pratchett’s Discworld series.
  • The Eye of the World (#1 The Wheel of Time Series) by Robert Jordan (published 1990)
    • The first of The Wheel of Time series. It’s an epic fantasy series which I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, so I was excited to find the first book of the series.
  • Dorothy L. Sayers: A Careless Rage for Life by David Coomes (published 1992)
    • A biography for one of my favorite writers, I can’t wait to read it!

Have you read any of these books? Buy any good books recently? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, thank you so much for reading, follow my blog for more musings and, as always, best wishes in your life full of adventure,


10 thoughts on “A Massive Summer Thrift Book Haul

    1. Cool. I look forward to reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. And a book haul is just showing off all the book you’ve bought, that’s all. I enjoy doing them on occasion.


  1. I can’t believe you found all those books in thrift stores. The Rising Sun by John Toland is a classic!! If you have the hardcover first edition from 1970 and you paid less than $60 then you have an absolute bargain!! I’m very interested in the two book edition from 1900 of The Moonstone. I adore that book – it’s very funny in parts (I mean witty funny LOL!). I haven’t read the Ha Jin book Nanjing Requiem so looking forward to your thoughts on that. I have a biography of Minnie Vautrin, though, which was very good & very sad. Interesting to see how Ha Jin puts her actions into fiction. I have read the Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. I got up to Book 8 of The Wheel of Time series when I just seemed to lose touch. But I rate Jordan as a writer. AND I have been meaning to pick up that Dorothy L. Sayers bio for ages but haven’t got around to it. LOL!! Anyway, amazing book haul! Oh, also want to read The Red Badge of Courage. Loved the Audie Murphy film of the book when I was a kid. And I have never read The Robe. I ought to track down a copy of that…

    Seriously, though, how much did you pay for that John Toland book…??? LOL!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I look forward to reading all these books, especially the Nanjing Requiem and the Dorothy L. Sayers biography. I look forward to trying the Wheel of Time, though I may lose touch too, lol. As for the John Toland book, it is a hardback from 1970 (not sure if it’s the first edition). But I got it for $1. I have a thrift bookstore near me which is this massive warehouse with all books for $1, so that’s where I got it. I didn’t know it was worth any money. That’s cool!


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