Mid-Year Bookish Goals Update 2021

We’re already halfway done with 2021, so I thought it fitting to take a look at how my reading has been going this year.

Let’s get to some general reading stats and then we’ll get to updating how I’m doing with each of the five goals I had for 2021.

78 (Goodreads goal 100) books read from January to June.

8 books read which were published in 2021.

10 classics read.

16 mysteries read.

19 historical novels.

13 nonfiction.

9 romance.

18 fantasy.

I’m not surprised the most genres I’ve read are mysteries, historical, and fantasy, though there is an overlap in genres. For example, books like These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong are historical, mysteries, and fantasy.

Some of my favorite books of the year

Some of my biggest disappointments

Now onto my five goals for this year!

Quality over Quantity

Unfortunately, I have been failing on this one. I’m reading just as many books as I usually do, not focusing on truly great books and instead just whatever I feel like. And I’m definitely not slowing down to appreciate books. I’ll have to work on this the second part of the year.

Read 2 books a month that I own

I have succeeded in this! Currently, I should have completed 12 books because we are 6 months into this year. However, I have completed 14 books so far! Which is great!

For every book I buy, I have to get rid of a book

I’ve kind of succeeded in this one. I have currently bought 38 books in 2021 (not including gifts and books for school, which I’m not matching). And I have currently picked 21 books to get rid of, so I still have 17 books to get rid of. Doesn’t mean I’ve failed in this challenge, but it definitely could be better.

Read 2 books a month from my TBR

I have succeeded in this one as well! I’ve read exactly 12 books from my TBR, so I’m right on schedule!

Read more epic fantasy

I have half succeeded in this goal and half failed. I did finish Lord of the Rings, which was the big fantasy series I really wanted to finish this year. Saying that, besides that I haven’t read many epic fantasy, even if I have read quite a few urban fantasy and historical fantasy.

So, I’m not doing horrible on my goals, but I could be doing better. Only one I’m absolutely failing.

How has your reading been going this year? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, thank you so much for reading, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,


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