NaNoWriMo Day 28

Current Word Count: 47,715

And I’m almost there. I’m almost there. There’s been trials and tribulations. You know I’ve had my share. But I’ve climbed a mountain. I’ve crossed a river. And I’m almost there!

If you get that reference, I am super impressed.

Before NaNoWriMo, I didn’t usually drink coffee (maybe once a week at the most), but this month I’ve been drinking it nearly every day. On the plus side, it really helps me feeling energized enough in the morning to write. On the downside, it means for the rest of the day I tend to be a bit jittery…and randomly jump around the house like a maniac (we all have issues).

But my point is that, if I could pinpoint the one thing which helped me the most this month, it would be drinking a small cup of coffee every morning. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a coffee addiction…

Two days left…

Madame Writer

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