The Translated Literature Tag

A few months ago, Diana from Writings on Papyrus created this tag and I knew it was right up my alley. Be sure to check out her blog, because I absolutely love her analysis of all the books she reads. I read so many translated books, especially in the last couple years, so I thought … Continue reading The Translated Literature Tag

Reading Wrap-up: June, 2019

I got a bit carried away with reading this month, finishing a total of twenty-three books and three short stories. Clearly summer makes me read...a lot. It's so hot currently in Ohio (about 90 Fahrenheit, or about 32 Celsius). It makes me not want to leave the house unless I absolutely have to, enabling me … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: June, 2019

Book Review: Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama

I had absolutely zero knowledge of the book going into it. I happened across it on Overdrive from the library and decided to listen to the audiobook of it (all twenty-four hours of it). I went in with expectations of a fast-paced thriller, and instead this book is a slow psychological mystery, examining the inner … Continue reading Book Review: Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama

A Note on Book Translations: Who Do You Trust?

Odds are that sometime in your life you have found yourself reading a book which has been translated. Some of the greatest classics in the world weren’t written in English (and since you’re reading this now, I will assume that you read in English). War and Peace. Arabian Nights. The Art of War. Around the … Continue reading A Note on Book Translations: Who Do You Trust?