Book Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

It seems like forever since I've written a full book review for this blog. I really should get back to writing them, as they take less of my time then a lot of the longer posts I've been doing recently. So I picked up this book, which is a recent release, because I was really … Continue reading Book Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

June 2020 Reading Wrap-up

I can't believe it's already the beginning of July. This year indeed has been insane. This month I read 13 books, and they mostly fell in the middle range of rating around three or four stars. There weren't many amazing books I read, but also not many bad books I read. It's getting to be … Continue reading June 2020 Reading Wrap-up

Author Taste Test: Nora Roberts

Today I am starting a new series on my channel, and one to which I must give some credit to Chandler Ainsley, a Booktuber on Youtube, for giving me the idea for this series. She's done several taste tests where she'll read the favorite books of other Booktubers. I thought it was such an interesting … Continue reading Author Taste Test: Nora Roberts

May 2020 Reading Wrap-up

I feel like 2020 is just divulving into chaos...why can't we all not be idiots and replace violence with love? Anyways, I will avoid everything crazy going on and focus on my reading this month. I had a pretty good month, reading 12 books (including two rereads). I'm also starting a big reread for the … Continue reading May 2020 Reading Wrap-up

Book Review: Jane by April Lindner

Yes, I did succumb to reading yet another classic book retelling, this one of Jane Eyre. And yes, I regret everything. So, this book has been on my TBR probably since I kept keeping a TBR notebook. As indicated by my last week's review of a Les Mis retelling, I am obsessed with reiterations of … Continue reading Book Review: Jane by April Lindner