An Ex Lurker Tag

Welcome back to my blog and to the second of three tags I’ll be posting this week. This tag was created by Kate Luna over on Youtube and I was tagged to do this tag by Gina Stanyer Books. This is a pretty short tag, but really fun to do. Without further ado, let’s get into the tag.

1. What had been stopping or is stopping you from leaving comments or starting a booktube channel?

I obviously am not stopped from starting a booktube channel, because I already started it (and I recently just reached 100 subscribers, which I’m really happy about!). However, the reason I don’t do many things (like why it took me so long to start a booktube channel and why I don’t leave that many comments on Youtube videos) is simply because of time. I am just so busy all the time, either with school, work, personal life, my hobbies. There just seems no time to do everything I want to do!

2. You’ve already left a bunch (or a million) of comments under booktubers’ videos. Do you remember the very first comments you’ve left? Did you get any reply?

I don’t remember, honestly. I do know that the first comments I left were probably under gaming or travel videos, because I didn’t discover Booktube until the last few years. But yeah, who remembers their first comment under a Youtube video? Equally, I don’t remember the first blog I commented one. It was like 4 years ago, okay.

3. Pick a book which you’ve read because of the booktuber’s review. It has to stand out (be the one you either loved or hated with passion).

I honestly don’t have an answer for this. I’ve read a few books because of booktuber’s reviews, but none have I absolutely hated or absolutely loved. I’ll mentioned two just because I did read them because of booktuber’s reviews and I enjoyed both, even if I didn’t love either.

Book Cover

Holly By Golly Books did a review for this book around Christmas time and I read it in January. I really enjoyed it, even if it definitely had its weaknesses. It has a Groundhog’s Day premise with a Christmas twist and emphasis on romance.

Book Cover

Katrina Brown recommended this book to me after I mentioned really enjoying Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. Again, I may not have loved it, but I really enjoyed it! It’s about a group of women who must fight and expose a vampire who comes to destroy their town.

4. Tell us a bit about the book you’re currently reading. Is it any good? Could you read a passage from it which you loved (or found ridiculous)?

Book Cover

When I did this tag on Youtube this Saturday, this was the book I was currently reading. It tells of a 30-something woman who is obsessed with Jane Austen whose aunt dies and leaves her a trip to a Jane Austen role-playing estate. Of course, comedy and ridiculousness ensues. I loved the movie adaptation of this book (it’s ridiculous but fun), but unfortunately the book was pretty mediocre.

It started out good (watch my video if you want to hear the opening quote I quoted from), but the romance really went downhill quickly. I didn’t like the main guy, and Jane, the main character, was really annoying in the book. This may be one of the few cases where I really enjoyed the movie but didn’t like the book.

5. Do you keep a reading journal?

I do not, unless you count my Goodreads. On there, I keep track of what books I have read and I always write a short review for every book (even if it is literally a paragraph to help me always remember what my thoughts for that particular book were). However, I do keep a physical TBR journal, which is pretty cool.

As usual, I won’t be tagging anyone, but I’d love to hear your answers if you end up doing this tag. Are you active on BookTube? What book are you currently reading? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, thank you so much for reading, follow my blog for more musings and, as always, best wishes in your life full of adventure,


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