Fictional Siblings Book Tag – Original

Today, April 10, is National Siblings Day! I wanted to do a fun tag in celebration of this day, but the only book tag I could find was a book tag for siblings to do, not one about siblings in books, so I decided to create my own.

This was a very last minute idea…but aren’t all the best ideas impulsive? So, enjoy!

1. Your favorite fictional siblings

Book Cover

This is probably a predictable answer, but who wouldn’t love Jane and Lizzie’s relationship? Obviously, the focus of this book is the romance, but always the sisters are foremost in the novel!

2. Siblings who hate each other

Book Cover

Technically, this is a manga, but it still counts as a book! In there, half-demon Inuyasha and and his half-brother Sesshomaru not only hated each other, but Sesshomaru was one of the main antagonists of the series. Though I still love both their characters!

3. Favorite Friends Who Should Have Been Siblings

Book Cover

I’m currently reading The Two Towers and, honestly, all four of the hobbits were as close as siblings: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. Even if the four split off in the second book, there is this closeness the four have which none of the other characters have. They grew up together, and after the series, they are too different from people in Hobbiton to fit in completely anymore.

4. Siblings who are complete opposites of each other

Book Cover

I’m going with John Thornton (the main love interest of this book) and his sister Fanny. Fanny is much younger than John, and she is both spoiled and immature. John is the complete opposite. Since his father’s death when he was young, he has been working to provide for his family and run his cotton mill. The two siblings could not be more different.

5. Saddest sibling death in a book

Book Cover

Spoilers! My first thought was Fred from the Harry Potter series, but I feel like that’s too obvious. So I’m going to go with Fili and Kili (and Thorin, though he was their cousin). They are all killed in the final battle, eliminating the hereditary line of the kings of the Lonely Mountain…really sad.

6. Most annoying sibling in a book

Book Cover

Spoilers for this book! Prim is such an annoying sister to Katniss. For the first two books, she’s kind of useless and only there to get Katniss in trouble. In the third book, she’s an idiot, joins the resistance, and gets herself blown up. So…yeah…I never liked her character.

7. Your favorite book featuring a big family

Book Cover

I’m not sure if four girls count as a big family during the Civil War, but it would in the modern day, so I’m counting it. Who doesn’t love the four girls: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. I grew up loving this book, and most of it is because of the amazing relationships between the four sisters!

8. Flurry Sibling – your favorite dog/human siblings

Book Cover

I read this book years ago, and I still love it! It tells of Billy and the two puppies he raises. Be prepared to cry a lot, but it’s an amazing book about the strength of a friendship between a child and his dogs.

And there we have it! I’m not tagging anyone, but I’ve love for you to let me know if you do this tag, because I’d love to read your answers! What would your answers be?

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, thank you so much for reading, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,


11 thoughts on “Fictional Siblings Book Tag – Original

  1. First off, Prim never did anything stupid. Poor girl was simply chosen for the reaping out of no fault of her own, and Katniss (being the epic sister she is) volunteered. Secondly, later in the third book when they are in District 13, Prim literally had nothing to do, and was driven to helping in the only way she knew how by being a doctor. Thirdly, she wanted to help in whatever way she saw possible so decided to join with the “EMT” nurses. Prim was always an innocent and sweet character. All she ever did was help, and her desire to help-yeah-possibly got her killed. I do not see how that is annoying. If you’re gonna blame anyone for the trauma her death caused on Katniss, blame Coin and Snow.
    On another note, your other answers were so good! I totally agree with the LOTR one! They do SO act like siblings and it is so great!!! I agree that Fili and Kili’s deaths are horrible!! Btw, have you seen those movies, cause it is laid out even more heart-wrenching-ly in the movie! *sniff* *sniff*
    Also, I’m totally doing this tag!! Well done with this one, Anne! xoxo

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    1. Thank you! I do need to reread the Hunger Games to remember why I found Prim’s character so annoying. It was probably just a pet peeve of mine. But I’m glad you enjoyed her character more than I did! And I still haven’t gotten over Fili and Kili’s deaths…so sad!


      1. Well, isn’t that the truth? Prim does go through something alike a transformation when she’s shown in the further chapters whereas katniss fails to mature despite everything she goes through or maybe because of it

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