Books I’m Looking Forward to in 2021

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I usually don’t look forward to many new book releases, because I’m the type of reader who prefers reading books which stand the test of time. An overhyped book from 2021 may or may not be good, but a 2014 book which everyone still loves is probably at least decent. Saying that, there are usually a few books I look forward to each year because they either just sound so good or I’ve really enjoyed the author in the past.

So today I’m going to share six books which I look forward to coming out this year. Let’s get into the books!

Klara and the Sun

Title: Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Release Date: March 2, 2021

This is a science fiction book about a robot friend (called Artificial Friend) whose greatest desire is to bought as she sits in a store and watches everyone. It sounds rather sweet!

I was introduced to Ishiguro through The Remains of the Day, which remains one of my favorite books, even if his books do tend to be pretty slow. I want to read more of his books in general, and I was really excited to see that he had a new release coming out later this year!

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life

Title: Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson

Release Date: March 2, 2021

If you haven’t read Peterson’s first book in this series, 12 Rules for Life, I highly recommend it! It remains the one and only “self-help” book which I actually enjoyed. I was so thrilled when Peterson announced a sequel. Peterson is a psychologist and though a lot of people equate him with politics, he’s not really political, instead focusing on psychology and history to expend the human understanding of the world. I’ve also read his other book, Maps of Meaning, though that one is definitely harder to read and much more of an academic type work. But I cannot wait to read this book! I’m so excited for it that I’ve already preordered it from Amazon.

The Venice Sketchbook

Title: The Venice Sketchbook by Rhys Bowen

Release Date: April 13, 2021

I’m pretty sure every new book by Bowen is on my “looking forward to” list before they come out. I’ve loved her books for years and only one of her books I didn’t thoroughly enjoy (even that one I gave 3 stars, so it wasn’t bad).

This is her latest book, set during WWII and the modern era. Caroline Grant goes to Venice in the modern day to scatter her great-aunt Juliet Browning’s ashes and learn the secrets of her life there including a sketchbook and three keys. Then the story also covers Juliet’s life in Venice in 1938 and her romance during WWII. It sounds really interesting, and I do love books set in Venice!

The Personal Librarian

Title: The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict & Victoria Christopher Murray

Release Date: June 1, 2021

Marie Benedict is an author I discovered in 2018 with her book Carnegie’s Maid and then last year I loved her Lady Clementine book. This year I’ve already gotten The Mystery of Agatha Christie. Basically, I’ve loved every book by her that I’ve read. She writes historical fiction but they are heavily based on true history.

This particular one follows Belle da Costa Greene, the real life personal librarian of J. P. Morgan, one of the most powerful bankers and businessmen in New York City during the Gilded Era. It sounds very reminiscent of Carnegies’ Maid and I look forward to reading it!

So Many Beginnings: A Little Women Remix

Title: So Many Beginnings: A Little Woman Remix by Bethany C. Morrow

Release Date: Sep. 7, 2021

This is the only book on this list that I’m not sure I’ll enjoy, but I was really intrigued by the premise. It’s a retelling of Little Woman, which is one of my childhood favorites, but from the perspective of a black northern family as opposed to a white one. Like the original, it is set during the Civil War, and I’m intrigued to see how this book twists the original story into something new or different, especially coming from a black perspective.

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine: Founding an Empire

Title: Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine: Founding an Empire by Matthew Lewis

Release date: Oct. 1, 2021

Matthew Lewis is a writer whose expertise focuses on Medieval England. He’s written several books about Richard III and the War of the Roses. Basically, this guy knows a lot about a time in history I don’t know much about. In general I want to read a few of his books, but in particular this one because it’s being released near the end of this year.

As the title suggests, this nonfiction history follow Henry II and his wife Eleanor as they built up an English empire which could rival any other. They were also the parents of John and Richard, famously known from the Robin Hood tale. This book looks really interesting and I look forward to reading it!

What books are you looking forward to this year? Do any of these books look interesting to you? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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