Coronavirus and College

I was going to come out with a book review today, but with all the madness of the last week, I wanted to give you a brief update on me concerning the COVID-19 virus, commonly called the Coronavirus.

As of Tuesday evening, my college in Ohio sent out an email that all in-person classes will be canceled until at least March 30. They will resume online starting this Monday. This was kind of a shock for me, especially since my Catholic bishop Thursday night also announced that all Catholics are not required to attend Mass for the next three Sundays (for reference, in the Catholic Church it’s a sin to miss Mass purposefully on Sunday). And it got worse last night when my school cancelled in-person classes for the rest of the spring semester.

There’s also the whole madness of buying up toilet paper and water in bulk, rendering a lot of grocery stores empty. Wednesday morning my mother and I went shopping to get a bunch of canned goods just in case some sort of quarantine is put in.

Basically, in Ohio, it’s kind of madness right now. There’s a lot of contradictory information about exactly how dangerous the Coronavirus is, from it’s about the same as the regular flu to literally the end is here, it’s the appocalypse.

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On one hand, I’m not extremely concerned for myself and my family, as none of us are elderly or have respiratory issues. Also, we are introverts and rarely ever leave our home anyway, so the odds of us catching it even if the virus travels to Dayton, Ohio, is very small.

I read somewhere that only about 1% of people who actually get the disease even die. And I honestly think that, while precautions always need to be put into place, this virus will pass over quickly. Unless it mutates…and then we’re all probably screwed. I have also heard Israel is working on a vaccine.

What this means for my life is that I will probably have a lot more time on my hands. Online courses never take as much time as in-person classes (with driving and in between classes, etc.), and most of my teachers are moving back our next tests until when we come back (which will be fun, because I may have like five tests in one week, kind of like finals). There is also a question of certain of my classes, particularly my Lab and Choir, because you can’t make up that or transfer it online. Especially since my choir performance was supposed to be the first week in April, and we won’t be able to practice until then. So, no idea what will happen with that.

But enough of my blabbling about this madness.

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I am curious, what is the government doing in your state/country? Do you have concerns about the virus? How has your life been effected by this disease and the fear accompanying it? And do you think all the concern is warranted? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

24 thoughts on “Coronavirus and College

    1. I’m sorry! I know it’s a difficult time for a lot of people. I know several students that were supposed to graduate this month, but didn’t because they couldn’t finish all their requirements online.


  1. First responder and college student here! I live in New York, we’re the hot spot for covid. My classes went virtual about a month and a week ago and are online for the rest of the semester and summer!

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  2. I think it is important for all people, not just people with underlying health conditions to practice social distancing. Thank you for writing a post about this crazy time. Just stumbled on this blog as well and loved the article!

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  3. Thanks for sharing, the same things are happening in my state and it’s kind of scary. I miss college but honestly it’s all for the best and I hope everyone’s doing ok! Just found your blog and I love it so far! Keep writing 🙂

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  4. I can’t believe the coronavirus is spreading so fast around the world in the recent days. I hope you and people around you are healthy, Anne. The virus is contagious and it goes around people very fast. Please protect yourselves well! Although it’s very contagious and “cunning”, it can be prevented by taking science-based measures. As common people, we stay home as much as we can, wear masks when we need to go out, wash hands often and keep rooms airy. This is what we’ve been doing to contribute to the fight against the virus. I still can’t go back to the University, either.
    There’s a handbook about preventing and treating the virus:

    It can be downloaded for free.

    It’s written by the Chinese experts who have been fighting against the virus in the past days. I hope this can help.

    We’re fighting together. I wish you and yours all the best!

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    1. Thank you! Stay safe as well, Vera. I’m making sure to take precautions and I’m mostly in self isolation, not leaving my house unless necessary. I hope it’s not too bad in China now and that you stay healthy.

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      1. Don’t worry about me. China is much better now with love and help from lots of people. We’re still fighting against the coronavirus. I believe America will get through the hardship! Best wishes!

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  5. As senior citizens, we’re self-isolating here on the farmstead in central Maine. I’ll be reading lots more books and watching some of my favorite musicals on tv. Stay safe…best wishes and blessings to you and yours.

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  6. I think the news about the virus wasn’t presented well and that’s why everyone is overreacting. We should certainly take precautions, but the crazy dash to the store to buy toilet paper and pasta is unneeded. People do recover from the virus (but yes, let’s hope it doesn’t mutate and become something worse).
    My state has declared a state of emergency so that they can get more funding to tackle the virus…something along those lines. My job has also asked people to work from home instead, which I was happy to do, but I live with my parents, who are a bit older, so I’m being extra cautious and for now am avoiding my exercise class (a bit of an excuse not to go though 🙂 ).

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  7. In Australia, everything you mentioned is also happening here. Public events cancelled, schools closed, panic buying, more people staying home, a government stimulus package to boost the economy, alerts, emails and news reports continually advising Best Practices in staying healthy. The latest information is “Authorities have not ruled out placing every Australian citizen in lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic evolves.”

    On a lighter note, an introvert meme on self-isolation “I’ve been training for this all my life!”

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  8. I work at a military base in Florida. Everyone at my job is taking this very seriously, but as far as in-work precautions, it’s mostly the stuff you would hear in flu season: avoid touching facial orifices, wash hands thoroughly, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and if you’re feeling sick, stay home. Beyond that, however, there have been no quarantines or emergency shutdowns. Plus, even if there was, I would likely be exempt because the division I work in is labeled “essential personnel.”

    We’ve had a couple cases in neighboring counties, but there hasn’t been anything in terms of a state of emergency or the like. I did go to Walmart today to stock up on supplies and I was shocked to find a lot of aisles (particularly water and toilet paper) empty. It was rather surreal, since that normally only happens preceding a hurricane.

    Regardless, I’m just doing what I would normally do to limit exposure. Like you, I’m something of an introvert, so it’s not like I ever leave my apartment anyway (unless it’s to walk my dog.)

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    1. Someone I know is stationed in Chicago at a military base and it’s completely on lockdown, so I’m glad in Florida it’s not quite as bad. I was amazed by the empty grocery stores too, for toilet paper, water, and especially meat and canned goods. It’s quite surreal. Stay safe there!

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  9. I am finding current life to be stressful. I am in a big city where the world is becoming smaller every day because of the many closings. Each inspires anxiety in my opinion though the reasons for the closing make sense. I will be so glad when this is over. One thing that I find difficult is that there really is no timeline.
    We will all hang in. I keep thinking about all of the books that I will read and blog on over the next bit of time.

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    1. I agree. The unknown future is the scariest part. But stay safe, especially being in a big city! And that is true; I’ll be able to blog/read more too. It’s always important to look on the bright side of a dark situation.

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  10. My husband and I are both in our mid 50s. He has asthma. He had surgery last week. So, I’m concerned about him getting sick with the virus. He has another few weeks to be home and recover before going back to work. Last Thursday is when things began to happen quickly here in the Fort Worth area. I began hearing reports about various closings. I began to hear about shortages of certain items at the grocery store. My son shopped for groceries last night. He said the meat was gone. The canned goods were gone. People are not just buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer. For a younger person who has no known health risks, it’s not understandable about the closings. For older people who have a health risk or a weakened immune system, the virus is concerning. Back in January when I heard about the reports in China and we were told it would probably spread. I made a list of all the important things we need. Things we need not want. Each paycheck I began to buy those items until this past paycheck (a week ago) I felt comfortable with the stock of items. Back in January I felt people would panic, food and personal items would be bought up fast and unavailable. So glad I prepped.
    This week was spring break. The school districts and colleges have extended break till the end of the month. Churches have closed and will reopen at the end of the month. Events have been canceled. They are trying to limit the spread of the virus.

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    1. That’s exactly what’s happening here in Ohio too. I hope you and your husband stay safe! And yes, my boyfriend is a manager at a grocery store and it was chaos yesterday. I am concerned about my older relatives, like my grandparents and aunts and uncles. I understand why the government is closing everything, even if I myself will probably not be affected. Stay safe there in Fort Worth!

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