The Classes I’m Taking in College: Spring, 2020

Just like last semester, I thought I would share with you the classes I’m taking spring semester in college. Even though I am a history major, they don’t offer one class next semester I need to take before I can take any other history course. This seriously sucks, and means I’m taking mostly science/math courses next semester. Luckily, for my last 2/3 semesters, I can take only history courses (and a couple language ones), which I am looking forward too.

Saying that, because I’m a history major, I picked out pretty much the simplest science/math courses and, though I don’t like either type of classes, I’m hoping I’ll enjoy these.

So I’m taking 17 credits this semester, and technically 7 classes. So yes…it’s going to be a lot.

Beginning Chinese II

I’m required to take two years of a language and I decided to take Chinese, mostly because I love Chinese history and I think the language is beautiful. I just completed the first semester and, though it was definitely challenging, I really enjoyed it.

Next semester we will be working through the second half of the textbook/workbook we started this past semester, and I’m excited that many of my classmates from the first semester will be also in the second one.

University Chorus

I loved being in choir this past semester, and I was thrilled that it worked into my schedule next one. I do not need to take this class, but it’s not extra money because I’m a full-time student and the teacher is amazing. As long as it fits into my schedule, I will definitely want to take this class every semester I can.

Dynamic Earth + Dynamic Earth Lab

I am only required to take one science course with a lab, and this was the only one that fit well into my schedule. I have to take the main class and the accompanying lab at the same time.

The way this class is described in the catalog is as follows: “Processes that have shaped the earth from its origin until the present. Origin and evolution of life. Focuses on understanding the nature of science by examining earth materials (minerals, rocks, fossils) and features (represented by geologic and topographic maps) and what these reveal about the past and present.” I will probably enjoy the earth material examinations, though I may not love this class. We will see.

American History Since 1877

This is one of the two American courses I am required to take before I can take another history class. The other one is American History Before 1877, but they didn’t offer it next semester…which was very disappointing.

Anyway, I am glad to be taking at least one history class this semester. I still need to look up what books are required for this class, but a lot of the classes haven’t assigned books yet.

Math and the Modern World

Apparently this is a class described as the math class for people who don’t want to take a math course. It’s apparently pretty easy, a variety of applied algebra. I usually have no problem with algebra, so I’m not too concerned about it.

I’m curious to see how applied math will work in the real world, and I’m excited to see if we’ll actually learn some useful things for real life (probably not, this is college, after all).

Critical Thinking

This is another required course I have to take, though I honestly think I critically think all the time. I also have heard horrible things about the two in-person teachers, so I’m taking the online version of this class.

It’s also nice because it doesn’t require any textbooks. In fact, a few of my classes don’t require any books.

Anyway, those are my seven classes. I’m seriously going to be overwhelmed next semester, but I’m determined to work as hard as possible, even if I don’t enjoy the classes.

If you’re in college, what classes are you taking next semester? If not, do any of these classes look interesting to you? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

12 thoughts on “The Classes I’m Taking in College: Spring, 2020

  1. Here’s an element of lesser known Chinese history you mind find interesting…..(hope that URL works)<a


      1. The Critical Thinking class and Dynamic Earth class sound interesting, and if you can learn something to apply in the world from math I would certainly be impressed.

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    1. I tend to try to think critically, so hopefully the class isn’t too hard for me. And my Chinese is going well and is a pretty easy class as long as I keep up with homework. It is Mandarin, though once in a while we learn variances of words from different Chinese dialects.

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