Things I’m Looking Forward To In College

Since I’m going to be starting college in a little over a week, you should probably expect to see many more college-themed blog posts. Probably because my mind will be on college, so it will make keeping up with my blog posts much easier if I don’t have to think about two things at once.

Finally, I’m all done with admissions and orientation and all that is left is to actually start classes. Thus, I thought it would be fun to share what I’m looking forward to in college.

And since there is a negative to every positive, on Monday I’ll by releasing a post about Things I’m Not Looking Forward To In College.

Any Type of Social Life

Yes, I admit to being an extreme introvert. But I find college kind of forces you to actually talk to people. You already have something in common (a.k.a., school), so it’s much easily to break into a conversation. After I graduated with my two-year-degree, I found myself having very little social life. I had work, sleeping, reading, and pretty much nothing else.

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But college forces you outside your bubble, both in the classes themselves and with learning about the school and students. I also hope to join at least one club, which really helped me at my last college.


I am horrible at making a goal and sticking to it without external motivation. So, if I say I’m going to exercise every day for a week on my own, I probably will give up a couple days in. But if I take part in an exercise class, I will be pushed to excel above the other students. I’m competitive in that sense.

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The same thing applies to classes. I thrive on knowing that hard work makes a clear difference. That if I show up to class and work hard I will get a good grade. This is an amazing motivation to me. If I tell myself I’m going to learn Chinese outside of a classroom, I’ll probably give up after a few months. But if I take a class for it, I will push myself to excel. It’s just how I work, I suppose. If I’m accountable to complete an assignment or come to class, I will.

More Active Studying

In the few years since my last stint in prison….I mean college, I have tried to continue learning. I read a lot. I try to learn new things, whether it is more literary pursuits like writing and history, or simply hobbies (learning a new language, learning knitting or sewing, etc.). However, there is a difference between classroom study and casual study. In a classroom you are learning from someone who is an expert on the topic (or hopefully should be). You can gain insights that you wouldn’t have learned on your own.

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That is one thing I’m looking forward to at college: being able to actively study topics I’ve only read books about before.

Getting Some Exercise

So, technically, this is a pro specifically at my college, because the campus is absolutely massive. I’ve found myself not getting much physical exercise since I quit my retail job about two years ago, since most of what I do is writing on a computer (which, despite my hopes, only exercises my fingers).

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When I start school, I will be walking all over campus, probably carrying a heavy bag. It may be tough at first, but I’m looking forward to a more active lifestyle. Also, there is a beautiful gym at my college!

If you went to college or are going to college, what are some of the things you were/are excited for? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

17 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking Forward To In College

    1. That’s amazing! I’m so excited for you! Latin and German. Good luck! I studied Latin in high school, and those verb conjugations are impossible. And German is filled with so many long words. Both of them will be a challenge.

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    1. Thank you! I’m currently writing a blog post listing all the classes I’m taking this semester, it should be up in about a week. And I will probably be talking a lot about my classes, especially my history ones.

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