Spring Flowers

Since it’s spring, I thought it would be a perfect time to bring back Photo Fridays. However, I found myself struggling to take unique pictures every week. So, I thought instead of doing a photo every week, I’ll do themed posts every few weeks with a collection of pictures.

A few days ago, I went out into my new backyard and took some pictures of the flowers in my yard. Just that morning it had been raining, and the drops of water on the flowers is beautiful!

Have an amazing weekend, my lovely readers, and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature!

Plus, a poem…

We Should Not Mind So Small a Flower by Emily Dickinson

We should not mind so small a flower —
Except it quiet bring
Our little garden that we lost
Back to the Lawn again.

So spicy her Carnations nod —
So drunken, reel her Bees —
So silver steal a hundred flutes
From out a hundred trees —

That whoso sees this little flower
By faith may clear behold
The Bobolinks around the throne
And Dandelions gold.

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