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Usually, I’m inclined not to have many New Year Goals, mostly because of the negative connotations around such resolutions and because they are difficult to follow. However, I wanted to share some general changes you will be seeing on my blog and my reading goals over the course of the coming year. So, this post is equally an announcement as well as my own personal hopes.


Let’s start first with my reading goals for 2019. I’m keeping my goals relatively low so I don’t feel too much pressure to read books, and just read as I naturally would anyway. But outside of my general reading, I wanted to focus on several goals I’ve been mulling over for months. However, I’m keeping them pretty realistic and vague so I don’t feel too much pressure.

  1. The first and most basic is to read at least  103 books in 2019. This is my Goodreads goal and I’ve been reading well over 100 books per year for the past few years so this one should be easy.
  2. I want to read at least one Indie book a month. This is something I really struggled with last year. I read a few, but my Kindle is filled with Indie books I haven’t taken the time to read. Since Indie books tend to be shorter and lighter, they also make for a break from some more difficult reads.
  3. Read more short stories. I’ve never been a massive fan of short stories, probably because I was reading the wrong authors. But since getting into a lot of great short story writers (Lovecraft, Poe, Doyle, etc.), I want to read at least two short stories a month.
  4. I want to read more challenging, complex books. What does this mean? Well, for me, it’s books like Crime and Punishment or The Art of War. Books that are longer or study complex topics like philosophy and psychology. I want to understand more of the world through reading. So expect to see some deeper books being reviewed by me in this coming year.
  5. Compete in at least one read-a-thon or book challenge. I tend to avoid these challenges because I read what I feel like when. However, I do want to at least try to complete a couple this year. And I’m keeping my goal realistically low to only one, so I don’t feel a lot of pressure.
  6. And finally, I want to reread some of the books I used to love. It is rare that I like a book enough to reread it, so I have many books sitting on my bookshelf that I used to love and haven’t read in years. So this year I want to go back and reread my favorite books to see if I still like them. So expect to see a lot of throwback book reviews coming out.

There are my reading goals of 2019. I personally think they are all easily achievable, so I’m not too worried about succeeding in all of them (let’s see at the end of this year whether I have to eat my words or not).

Blog Changes

Besides reading, you’ll also be seeing some changes in the type of posts I will be posting in the new year. Don’t worry, Wednesdays will still be a book reviews and Fridays will be Photo Fridays. I also post Saturdays and Mondays (usually a book tag or my musings on a certain topic).

However, the one thing I will be changing is the content on Mondays. Besides reading, I love world cinema. Russian dramas, Chinese dramas, Turkish dramas. I love them all! Up until now I’ve had only a handful of blog posts on this topic.

But the other day I was going through my blog stats and do you know what post has been read the most? My Top 11 Chinese Dramas I posted back in August. For reference, in November that post got over a thousand views, whereas the next closest one only got about two hundred. That is crazy to me! In fact, during that month alone, the handful of Asian drama-themed posts are pretty much all in the top ten!

November Blog Stats

Here’s a quick stat I pulled from November, and despite only having published a few of Asian posts, they are all in the top ten viewed posts of the month. And many of my other months show similar results. I’ve been purposefully avoiding doing too many of these posts for fear that nobody will want to read them, but that has proven to be false.

So, starting this coming month, Mondays will be dedicated to foreign TV shows and movies, in particular Asian dramas. Expect to see movie/drama reviews and just discussions on these topics.

But for those who love reading and don’t care about Asian dramas, don’t worry, the majority of my posts are still going to be centered around books.

And Happy New Year!

These are some of the changes you might be noticing on this blog this coming year. What are some of your goals for the new year, book related or otherwise? Do you even make New Year resolutions? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more madness and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

22 thoughts on “Blog/Reading Goals 2019

  1. Happy New Year! Wish you happiness and tons of luck in 2019! May you dreams come true!
    Speaking of Russian dramas, I’m a big fan of them, too! Especially Russian comedies which always crack me up! I love How I became Russian. And recently I’ve been watching Psikhologini.😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t watched any Russian comedies. I haven’t heard of Psikhologini. I’ll have to look it up! Mostly I watch Russian historical dramas (such pretty costumes!), but I definitely want to watch more of a variety.

      Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Always welcome new content. If we are talking Asian dramas, have you looked into watching/reviewing Japanese dramas or even anime? I think there are a lot of titles out there which would appeal to you, especially if you’re a romantic like me.

    Take care and Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do watch the occasional Japanese drama (and I love Japanese horror movies) and I was into anime when I was a teenager, but animation in general isn’t my cup of tea. But I am definitely a romantic too!

      Happy New Year!


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