5 Weeks, 5 Tomes: Week 4

So here I am again (you thought I gave up, but never!). Though I do return in mostly failure.

This week I did finish an entire book. I decided to reread North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (as you probably already saw from my review of it earlier today). I read the entire book this week, so 521 pages out of 521 pages (though, technically, I read it in ebook form so it was a lot longer, but I’m looking at what it would be in print).

Next I avoided The Canterbury Tales…again.

And finally, I read only about fifty pages in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which rounds out my total to 255 out of 619 pages. Horrible, I know!

I was supposed to read 5 tomes in 5 weeks, but so far I’ve only finished two. That is horrible…and I am ashamed. It’s my own fault for trying to read other books from the library while reading these. And I didn’t exactly choose light reads. I’m not going to even try to find a fifth book to do and instead focus on completing Great Expectations and The Canterbury Tales. I should be able to finish the former, but the latter may be a bit too much. We shall see, I suppose.

Next week will be my final update. If I do try to do this challenge again, I’ll definitely make sure I have no other books I have to read while doing it. But it was a really fun idea, if I had planned it more in advanced.

Anyway, let me know what your favorite tome is, follow my blog for more madness and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

3 thoughts on “5 Weeks, 5 Tomes: Week 4

  1. Lol, focusing on the five books picked at the begining is not easy! As a fickle reader, I often change my mind, too. Now I’m reading a book about the lifestyle of Northern Europe. I’m also interested in a book about America which is written from the perspective of a british.
    This month I finally made it to Youtube ( I “flew over the Great firewall” Yeah) and I’ve been binge-watching a lot of videos on Youtube😂. So my plan to do some serious reading …fizzled.😅
    You’ve done a good job! It’s enjoying reading that matters after all. More power to you!

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    1. I’m a fickle reader too! That book on the lifestyle of Northern Europe sounds interesting. I love learning about different cultures. It’s funny you mention America from other perspectives. I’ve been dabbling in Alexis de Tocqueville’s writing (he was a French historian who traveled to America in the early 1800s). It’s fascinating to hear what people who weren’t from America think about the country.

      Yes, I’m super addicted to YouTube. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with the Great Firewall. There are so many informative videos on YouTube!

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      1. Other people’s perspectives are fun and they provide useful information for us to know our cultures. The book you mentioned sounds interesting! Good luck with reading it!

        Yes! Youtube is quite fascinating! I’m happy I hit the mother lode!😄

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