5 Weeks, 5 Tomes: Week 2

We (and as in we, I mean me) are two weeks into this challenge! And I’m still ridiculously behind schedule. I should have finished my second book last night, but I’m only a fifth of the way into the second book. However, I did get a bunch of reading done, which is nice.

I finished Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky last night, and over this past week I read pages 170 to 521, so about 351 pages. My review for this book will be coming out on Monday (or Wednesday if I’m lazy and don’t write it immediately).

I didn’t get much further into The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, reading page 30 to 108 out of 512. That’s only about 70 pages (78 to be exact). So…there’s that.

Today (Saturday), I’m going to start Terrier by Tamora Pierce, and since it’s a YA novel, I hope to finish it pretty quickly and then start on Great Expectations this week too (fingers crossed!).Β 

Also, it’s the first day of December! If you thought I got into Halloween for October, that is nothing compared to Christmas in December. As you have probably noticed by the change in my blog design, I’m super into winter! So expect to be seeing a lot of Christmas and winter-themed posts.

But now I’ve got to get back to reading. Do you have any special reading plans this December? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, follow my blog for more madness and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

12 thoughts on “5 Weeks, 5 Tomes: Week 2

  1. You’ve done a good job!
    I began to read Life and Fate by Vassili Grossman in November but I quickly switched to Harry Potter. And by now I haven’t even put a dent into it. This book related to the second World War is quite serious. I have a bad feeling that I can’t finish it this month.πŸ˜‚

    I haven’t checked WordPress for couple of days and I’ve missed so many updates of yours! I just read your review about Crime and Punishment and now I’m reading this post. It is like tracing back~ Kind of fun.:)

    Enjoy reading and Happy December~

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    1. I haven’t read Life and Fate, but I really want to someday. Harry Potter is certainly a lighter read, so hopefully you get through it quicker than Life and Fate.

      I’ve noticed you haven’t commented for a few days. I actually missed your comments. They are always so insightful.

      Happy December!

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  2. Nice! I won’t be doing much reading this month. I’ll be focusing on other projects. All the best with your reading.

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