Photo Friday Instead of Black Friday…

Happy thanksgiving for everyone in America! I hate Black Friday. You get up absurdly early (now it starts on Thanksgiving, I suppose), go shopping at overpriced stores, and have to deal with real people (I’m an introvert). Thus, I opt to stay home and look at nature a bit! So, here’s a picture of some fall leaves on a lake near my home.

“Black Friday – (AKA Zombie Apocalypse)

Is an event of subset half-dead human like beings confronted with ravenous bloodthirsty monsters preparing to pummel down the doors mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.”

Sage R Fury

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday Instead of Black Friday…

  1. Always enjoy your pictures! And your house seems to be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery!

    I watched a video about Black Friday in America. It says you also have Cyber Monday for those who don’t like to go out to snatch up on goods~ In China, we have Double Eleven ( 11th November) when we shop online for great discounts. We are really crazy too! Many people stay up late in case that what they want are out of stock.

    Now, I’m trying to be a minimalist😂…

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    1. My house is surrounded by beautiful nature, I agree! This picture was taken in a park only ten minutes from my house.

      Double Eleven…I suppose every country has its Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I’m trying to be a minimalist too, so I didn’t purchase anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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  2. Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand, but this year we have been bombarded with Black Friday sales! Go figure. Like you, I avoided them and came home to spend a couple of hours in my garden. Have a wonderful weekend. 😎

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