Death Has Come

(Can you tell I’m addicted to taking photos of fall? Well, here’s another to remind you how much I love fall! I just love how the dead leaves fell on the moss beside the water.)

“I love the autumn—that melancholy season that suits memories so well. When the trees have lost their leaves, when the sky at sunset still preserves the russet hue that fills with gold the withered grass, it is sweet to watch the final fading of the fires that until recently burnt within you.”

― Gustave Flaubert, Memoirs of a Madman and November

3 thoughts on “Death Has Come

  1. I like the photo and quote so much!
    The vivid green of the moss contrasts with the russet of the fallen leaf. But they go well together. It feels quiet and harmonious. That somehow reminds me that life and death get together in harmony.

    And the quote is poetic!

    I like the falling leaves and the scene that leaves dancing on the ground to the melody of wind. I also somehow like the trees with no leaves, exposing their “bones” against the blue sky in the cold and crisp air.

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    1. Thank you! That was my thought too! Death and life in harmony. The life of the moss with the death of the leaf.

      You explained perfectly why I love fall. There is something so haunting and beautiful about it. The falling, whirling leaving, dancing in the wind. And skeleton trees. Your description is just so perfect!

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