Happy Halloween and NaNoWriMo Announcement (Help me pick out my story!)

The night has come
When the dead rise from their graves
To haunt the earth at night
And unsuspecting children don disguises
Of witches and sprites

The pumpkins are carved
Candy is waiting to be treated
And yet still a chill
Covers the streets and the laughter fades
Silent and still

Halloween has ended…

Happy Halloween!

Spooktober is ending today, and I really enjoyed doing all my blog posts this month around the Halloween theme. However, I will be glad to get back to my usual posts (a.k.a., doing anything I feel like that week).

For those who have been following my blog for a few months, you’ll know I completed Camp NaNoWriMo this summer and also NaNoWriMo last November. Which means I wrote two full books in a year (well, technically the second one isn’t finished, but I did get 50,000 words of it done). Instead of doing what any sane writer would do and spend this time rewriting them, I thought it would be more bothersome (and exciting) to complete a new one this year.

So, yes, I will be competing in NaNoWriMo this coming month. However, I’m going to be doing things a little different on my blog. On the last two NaNoWriMos I’ve completed, I did daily updates on this blog. But I kind of ran out of ideas of what to talk about in daily posts. Thus, this month I’ll probably only give an update once a week, probably on Thursdays, since November begins on a Thursday. Thus, I’ll be moving my photography day over on Friday.

I’m announcing this just so that no one gets super confused about my posting schedule. I feel as if this year I am so much more disorganized then most NaNoWriMos. In fact, it’s so bad this year, that I don’t even know what book to write.

Help me pick out my NaNoWriMo Story (pretty please…)

So, I figured, why not let you guys decide. I’ve narrowed my options down to a handful of plots, all of which I really like and would willingly write. It’s just a matter of choosing. Also, this gives me the chance to try to figure out the poll options on WordPress, which I have yet to experiment with.

Since the poll gives you short answers, I’m going to disclose the synopsis of each story and then you can vote on which title sounds like the most interesting plot.

NaNoWriMo Options

1. Death of a Wolf (modern, mystery, young adult)

“It has been ten years since Olivia Goodwin stepped foot in the small town of Rosewood, West Virginia. Ten years since her mother took her away from her father and twin brother to pursue her career in music. Olivia is now a senior attending Julliard School, until she receives the news that her brother Oliver has been found murdered. Reeling from a sense of guilt of not seeing him since they were young children, she returns to live with her father, dropping her dreams of becoming a musician to find her brother’s murder. But as she transfers into the dangerous school of Rosewood High and learns that her brother belonged to a gang known as the White Wolves, she realizes she may be way in order her head.”

2. Peppermint Poison With a Pinch of Paris (historical, horror, mystery)

“On Christmas Day, 1891, one of the more horrific poisonings in the world’s history occurred at Mon Petit Ange School, a Paris boarding school for girls aged 5 to 14, when packages of peppermint candy were laced with cyanide, killing every teacher and student. Except one.

“Lizet Beauchamp was only six years old in 1891. She was disappointed to be sick on Christmas, forced to stay in bed on Christmas Eve without any candy. She wakes up the next morning to dead silence, climbs out of bed slightly delirious with fever, and leaves her room to discover bodies strewn all over the school. She is the only survivor, and yet she cannot tell investigators anything useful and the case goes unsolved.

“Nineteen years have passed and as Christmas 1910 settled over snowy France again, Lizet tries to live an ordinary life now with a husband and little daughter herself, though nightmares of that hellish day still haunt her dreams. That is, until she receives a letter…a letter from her closest friend at Mon Petit Ange School…her closest friend who died in the poisoning. The letter merely begs, “S’il vous plaît…sauvez-nous. S’il te plait reviens” (please…save us. Please come back). The note shakes Lizet to her core, and she knows her heart will never rest until she finds out the truth of what happened that night. So she returns to Paris to uncover her own memories, and a horrible secret that she has repressed for nearly two decades.”

3. Under the Lyndwyrm’s Moon (medieval fantasy, YA/new adult, romance)

“The two princes of Grímnir could not be more different. The elder, Prince Alvar, was born an ugly Lindworm (poisonous, giant serpent) and has killed many. He is cruel, inhuman, and cursed. The younger brother, Prince Einar, is handsome and known for his goodness. Many women wish to marry him, but none can marry him until
Alvar takes a bride for one month. The only problem is that the brides never last the wedding night, found torn asunder by their spouse. Now, no one will dare marry him.

“Saga is the only daughter of the king of a small neighboring fishing country. Her mother is dead and her new stepmother is cruel to her, willing to do anything to kill her. In hopes of ridding herself for good of Saga, her stepmother sends her to become Alvar’s newest bride. However, Saga is determined to survive and so she enters into a dangerous battle with the two princes of Grímnir.”

4. In The Shadow of Gods (fantasy, horror, young adult)

“Luna Thrall believes she is an ordinary teen. Sure, her family’s a bit weird and her aunt is definitely a witch, but who doesn’t have a weird family? Her family are travelers, and each on their 18th birthday have gone to live in a different country, hardly keeping contact with their family. Luna’s own older brother did this two years ago and she has not seen him since.

“However, on her 18th birthday, she learns the truth. The world is actually ruled by Dia, a group of powerful being somewhere between gods and vampires. Her family is actually an ancient slave clan who has served as servants to the Dia for thousands of years. Like all her ancestors before her, Luna must serve one such Dia for a decade. All her dreams of the future, college, etc. are shattered in one moment as her family prepares her to travel to Australia, where lives one of the oldest Dia, whose only known name is Beliar. He is a wrinkly ancient and in need of a servant to do his bidding. Little do they both know, when an ten-thousand-old Dia meets a modern American teen, things may not go smoothly and hilarity with certainly ensue.”

Which One Should I Go With?

I really cannot decide which of these stories to write. I was just happy to narrow all my story ideas down to four (that’s a miracle in of itself). So, which one should I pick?

Also, what are your plans for NaNoWriMo? Do you want to complete a new story? Or rewrite an old one? Be sure to vote on the poll and let me know your thoughts down in the comments and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

18 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and NaNoWriMo Announcement (Help me pick out my story!)

  1. Wow this was honestly really hard to pinpoint because they all sound so intriguing!!! Good luck with your NaNo! I can’t wait for your posts! Reading them motivated me in my own NaNo journey so good luck! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, you make this very hard for all of them are great concepts. I did vote, but I had to deliberate with myself for a while before voting. I ended up voting for “Peppermint Poison With a Pinch of Paris” for the mystery element in it had me at hello. All the best writing whichever one you decide to go with.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They are all very imaginative and fascinating! I got hooked so much that I almost forgot that I was brushing my teeth (now I’m done).
    I have no idea why I can’t vote. Maybe my Internet connection is not strong enough? But Count me in please:) I’d like to pick the second one! I’m inching to know why and how they were killed!😆

    I’ve been acompanied by your articles for more than 2 months. I really enjoy them😘
    Keep up the great work! But don’t knock yourself out. Take your time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow. Took me a very long time to decide because I couldn’t decide between 3 of them. Ultimately, I voted for “Peppermint Poison With a Pinch of Paris”. (The other two were “Under the Lyndwyrm’s Moon” and “Death of a Wolf”.)


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