30-Day Book Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Favorite romance book

I’m not a huge fan of the romance genre, though I do enjoy classic romances. There are a few I’ve already mentioned on my blog, like Memoirs of the Geisha by Arthur Golden, but I’m picking something different…


This technically is more of a fantasy than a romance, but the main story does focus mostly on the romance. The story follows Princess Flian, who is the object of desire of three powerful men (two princes and one king) and she must navigate their lies to find the truth and protect her kingdom. It’s a great book, and surprisingly complex romance for a YA book.

8 thoughts on “30-Day Book Challenge: Day 20

      1. Winter Garden takes place during WWII and the siege of Stalingrad. In addition to The Once…, another good tale of Guinevere is Marian Zimmer Bradley’s book, The Mists of Avalon. It is told from the female point of view. The Once…starts with the Sword and the Stone which I did not love but I felt that the book got better. T H White apparently had a sad life; in the book H is for Hawk, there is a lot about him.

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