BookTubeAThon July, 2018: Day 2 Update

Pages Read: 472 + 295 = 767

Books Completed: 2/7

Challenges Completed:

  • Let a coin toss decide your first book. Complete!
  • Read a book while wearing a hat the entire time. Complete!
  • Read a book with green on the cover. Complete!
  • Read a book about something you want to do.
  • Read a book with a beautiful spine. Complete!
  • Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation. Complete!
  • Read seven books

Notes: Today was a much easier reading day, since Heidi by Johanna Spyri is about half the length of The Cry of Icemark and it is a light read. A review for it will probably come out Saturday. I have been wanting to read this book since I was a child, but I just never felt like it at the time…now I know why. It’s boring! But more on that in the review.

I wore a hat the entire time I was reading this book, and I’m so glad to be done with that challenge as well. I’m just not a fan of wearing hats. I like when other people wear hats, but my head gets all itchy when I wear a hat.

I also completed a task I didn’t know I was going to. I was going to Read and Watch a book-to-movie adaptation by reading and watching The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett (which ironically is the next book I’m reading, but after finishing Heidi I decided to watch the Shirley Temple movie version from 1937. It’s such a cute movie, and it’s only about an hour and a half long, as opposed to the three hour+ miniseries of The Hogfather (though I may end up watching that too, if I have time).

I know this challenge is reading seven books in seven days, but have you ever read a book in a single setting? I’m curious. I know I have, but it’s usually a shorter book.

3 thoughts on “BookTubeAThon July, 2018: Day 2 Update

  1. When I had the time, I used to read books in a single setting mostly page-turning mysteries. Now, I don’t have the time, but I try to read every day.

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