Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 21

I’m totally taking tomorrow off again. Today was the first incredibly difficult day to write. I’m double-thinking everything, wondering if I should have done certain scenes differently…but there is no turning back now and if I do there is no way I’ll finish my word count.

The first main turning point in my book has just occurred and I’m at the point that I have a later turning point planned but I’m not exactly sure how get to it. Tomorrow, since it’s my day off, I’m going spend a lot of thinking about my story.

Daily Summary

Words written today: 1,898

Total words written: 42,031/50,000

Goal words needed: 33,873/50,000

Difference: 8,158 words ahead.

Current chapter: Chapter 12

Time spent writing: 1.5 hours

Tips: The passage of time has always been the biggest problem with me in writing. I want my book to take place over an entire year, but I have issues with just skipping a long period of time. This has happened with previous books, and I find it helps to not worry about it so much in the first draft, but instead look for spaces as you write which could split time apart. Instead of having a scene be set two hours after the last scene, look for times that it makes sense to make it a week or month.

Extra notes: Is it just me or does spicy food really help you focus on writing? Honestly, it’s probably just me.


Day 21 complete! See you tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 21

        1. Lol. I get it now. I’m still focused on my first draft, I suppose. But, also, I’ve never used an editor, so I wouldn’t know whether I would trust them or not. That will come if I ever decide to publish. In that case, then yes, I hope I can trust my editor!

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  1. Love spicy food and I also have a problem with the passage of time. However, don’t overthink it as this is your first draft. Keep the focus on the writing so you can complete your word count. Worry about changing scenes later. All the best.

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