Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 18

This was the type of day that I had all planned out, and then it came and nothing happened as it was supposed to. I was supposed to mow the lawn, but my grandparents called and wanted to take my family out to lunch (which was lovely so I’m not complaining too much). But I’m the type of person who mentally prepares myself for difficult tasks (like mowing the lawn), so to change plans can be a bit disconcerting.

Anyway, on to writing…actually, I don’t think I have anything new to say. Although I’m nearing the 40,000 mark, there is still so much left of my book to write. I’m realizing it’s probably going to end up being 100,000 words or more. Maybe, if I don’t write any more when Camp NaNoWriMo ends, I’ll continue it in November. That would be pretty funny.

Daily Summary

Words written today: 1,779

Total words written: 36,447/50,000

Goal words needed: 29,034/50,000

Difference: 7,413 words ahead.

Current chapter: Chapter 10

Time spent writing: 2.5 hours

Tips: The last chapter or so of my book has been more action-oriented, and one thing I find helpful during these chapters is to keep description to short, limited sentences, so the pacing of the chapter feels quicker.

Extra notes: It was 60 degrees this morning! What a lovely day!


Day 18 complete! See you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 18

  1. Do you think you’ll lose your “drive”, per se, of writing if you do pause and start writing in November or will this be a good breather to make more plot points and ideas? Just curious! So proud, it’s amazing all the progress you’re doing!

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    1. Thank you! And I don’t know. What I’ll probably do is go back and do some rewriting of the first half to set up for writing the second half. But, to be honest, I’ve never tried taking that long of break from a book.

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