Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: Day 13

It is a dreary day where I live, but the grass is lovely and green, which is a plus. It rained all last night and today it has been raining on and off. I have always been  the type of writer who likes writing in the dark. Bright lights bother my eyes, so I find my best days of writing are on cloudy days, where you have an excuse to not go outside.

Despite being over halfway done with my word-count, I feel as if there needs to be a turning point in the book because, while the conflict is rising slowly, it’s mostly internal conflict. I want some external conflict to expediate the internal ones. So, that’s what I’m working on now…back to writing.

Daily Summary

Words written today: 2,555

Total words written: 28,833/50,000

Goal words needed: 20,969/50,000

Difference: 7,864 ahead of schedule

Current chapter: Chapter 8

Time spent writing: 3.5 hours

Current weather: It’s been raining…I feel like I’m in the tropics.

Tips: All the best books I know contain both internal and external conflict. You have physical obstacles and people trying to stop Frodo from destroying the ring, but then you also have his and other’s own weaknesses. When writing, I always include both types of conflicts. It makes a story more complex.

Extra notes: I’m watching way too many political YouTube videos today…it’s making me depressed. Must focus on writing…and politics from nearly a century ago.


Day 13 complete! See you tomorrow!

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