Camp NaNoWriMo Day 12

Today is my sister’s birthday! Exciting! I went out to eat with her and we had a lovely party. Thus, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write today. However, I did manage to get almost 3,000 words done, which is still pretty good.

It also means I’m officially halfway done with the challenge which is even more exciting! The book is still going well, though I’m noticing a few side plots that aren’t going anywhere, which I might cut later. But for now, it’s going well!

Daily Summary

Words written today: 2,977

Total words written: 26,278/50,000 (over halfway there!)

Goal words needed: 19,356/50,000

Difference: 6,922 words ahead

Current chapter: Chapter 7

Time spent writing: 2.5 hours

Current weather: It was beautiful weather until about 4 in the afternoon, when it started getting darker and then poured all evening. Fun!

Tips: Taking brief notes as you write about things you want to address later is important to stay on focus with a first draft. For example, you might add a scene which foreshadows something else, but make sure to take a note that you need to add the scene late explaining the foreshadowing. It helps a lot with editing later.

Extra notes: I’m so high on sugar and coffee today. Why did I decide that hot chocolate would be a good food choice when it’s 90 degrees outside?


Day 12 complete! See you tomorrow!

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