Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

I wrote another thousand words last night before going to bed, which brings my total written yesterday to around 3,000, which I’m really happy with. Today, however, I didn’t start writing until late afternoon. This morning my family took a trip to my dad’s grave, which is about an hour’s drive from where I live now. Since that took most of the morning and early afternoon, my writing time was limited.

However, now I’m back home and I spent the last few hours catching up on writing. My book is going very well (surprisingly so). With every book I’ve written before this, I’d often stopped to figure out where I wanted to go next in the story. But with this one, all the pieces have fallen nicely into place (so far). It’s a relief for me!

Daily Summary

Words written today: 3,294

Total words written: 23,301/50,000 (almost 1/2 of the way there!)

Goal words needed: 17,743/50,000

Difference: 5,558 words ahead of schedule

Current chapter: Chapter 7

Time spent writing: 3.5 hours

Current weather: Hot and humid!

Tips: Google Maps is an amazing tool for a writer. Setting a book in Venice but you don’t know the street layout: go to Google Maps. With street views and various pictures, it’s a tool that rarely gets utilized.

Extra notes: This latest chapter turned out to be over 5,000 words…maybe a bit too long. Note to self: try to keep chapters below 4,000 words.


Day 11 complete! See you tomorrow!

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