Camp NaNoWriMo Day 10

Again, in hopes of getting as far ahead early in the month, I spent a whole lot of time writing today. So much so that my hands seem to continually cramp up and I have to take frequent breaks (that can’t be good).

I’m now almost a fifth of the way into the challenge and yet I feel like my story is just beginning. I have so many more things planned and I didn’t realize how long this book may turn out by the time I finish it. Saying that, in later drafts I’ll probably do a lot of cutting of pointless scenes. But that’s not what I’m focusing on now.

I’m still writing my book, but I had to post this update, so I’ll probably write more words this evening.

Daily Summary

Words written today: 2,011

Total words written: 20,007/50,000

Goal words needed: 16,130/50,000

Difference: 3,877 words ahead

Current chapter: Chapter 6

Time spent writing: 3.5 hours

Current weather: Rain…It’s so relaxing to write while watching the rain…until the sun comes out and ruins it all.

Tips: When you are in the zone, don’t stop. Need to go to work, skip it (jk). If you are in the middle of a scene, unless you have an important appointment, finish it up before going about the rest of your day. If you stop, you may forget the details of what you were writing.

Extra notes: I’m in the zone…no one talk to me!


Day 10 complete! See you tomorrow!

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