Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5

Today was an incredibly difficult writing day for me. I haven’t been sleeping well the last couple nights and it finally caught up to me. This morning I literally would write a couple sentences and then zone out for a while. It was bad.

However, I did try my best until sheer exhaustion won out. I am about four hundred words short today, but because I’m so ahead anyway, I’m not super worried. Plus, hopefully tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep and start afresh tomorrow.

Daily Summery

Words written today: 1,230

Total words written: 10,719/50,000 (1/5 of the way there!)

Goal words needed: 8,065/50,000

Difference: 2,654 words ahead of schedule.

Current chapter: Chapter 4

Time spent writing: 4+ hours (I wasn’t counting)

Current weather: It’s a lovely, bright day…why couldn’t this weather have been yesterday for 4th for July?

Tips: Lack of sleep and writing rarely work well together. If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be better prepared to write!

Extra notes: Gosh, one of my characters is so moppy and retrospective she’d annoying…I need a nap.


Day 5 complete! See you tomorrow!

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