Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4

Happy 4th of July! At least for those in America, though I’m sure most countries have a similar type of Independence day. I was supposed to work outside today, but since it rained most of the day, I was stuck inside. This was a good thing for my writing, since I got it done early so I could celebrate the 4th with my family (inside, of course, due to the rain).

My story is going pretty well, though I have a feeling I’ve missed a lot of historical details. Ah, well, I’ll deal with it in rewrites. How are you guys doing with your projects, if you are competing in Camp NaNoWriMo?

Daily Summery

Words written today: 2,165

Total words written: 9,489/50,000 (almost 1/5 of the way done!)

Goal words needed: 6,452/50,000

Difference: 3,037 words ahead of schedule.

Current chapter: Chapter 3

Time spent writing: 3 hours (Though I got all my writing done by just after lunch, which was great. I had the afternoon free!)

Current weather: It rained all day…again. Happy Fourth of July (sarcasm intended)!

Tips: Buffing your wordcount by adding lush descriptions is amazing, but don’t add too much or you will have to cut out a lot of pointless description later.

Extra notes: I’m trying to make my characters as human as possible, even if their position might be looked at as negative in society (like a gangster). Even gangsters have hearts!


Day 4 complete! See you tomorrow!

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