Things I’m Totally Obsessed with April, 2018

Pure Imagination (Stephanie Tarling & Fiona)

There are so many covers and remixes of this song, but when I found this one a few years ago I loved it! And recently, I rediscovered it and have been listening to it on loop all month!


This winter we got a lot of snow in Minnesota, so I’ve been obsessing this month with spring coming!

Photographer: Margarita Kareva

Just type in her name on Pinterest and so many princess, fairytale pictures show up, mostly focused around Russia (where Kareva is from). The photos are so beautiful! It’s like bringing Russian fairytales to life!

Movie Trailer: The Meg

I have this thing for movies that revolve about prehistoric animals (I love King Kong—I just watch the parts with King Kong, because the story kind of sucks). So when I saw the trailer for this movie, which revolves around a prehistoric megalodon (the largest shark ever in existence, growing to over 60 feet long) attacking people, I am super excited! It’s like Jaws combined with Godzilla. Perfect!

Candy: Andes Mints


I love these so much! I love mint and I love chocolate. Put them together and I’m in heaven! Need I say more? Plus, eating one of these after a meal can help your digestion.

Video Game: Township

This is a real time, free game that I have been playing like mad. You can play two minutes a day or hours a day. It’s a fun, management game. And no, I’m not sponsored: I just like the game.

Youtube Channel: Found Flix

If you don’t like horror movies, this channel probably isn’t for you. But I personally love the break-down of horror movies and their endings. This channel does an exceptional job with its Ending Explained series. This one is the most popular video on the channel.

What are you obsessed with this month? Let me know down in the comments, follow my blog for more madness, and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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