NaPoWriMo 2018: Day 9

Concrete Poetry

(“Concrete poetry, also known as pattern or shape poetry is poetry in which the arrangement of its meters are as important as conventional elements in conveying its message. Concrete poetry is sometimes referred to as visual poetry, although it has evolved into a distinct meaning of its own.”) (source)

(An example of this is Lewis Carroll’s short poem in Alice in Wonderland in the mouse’s story! I’m not trying a really complex shape, mostly because I don’t have to time, so I decided to go with the simple shape of a tree [like a Christmas tree]…because I’m lazy.)

I Love Thinking…

about things
that seem absurd
like polar bears in the
hot desert or dancing in fire
like reading a book upside down
or thinking of why people do what they do
like watching a foreign movie without subtitles
or like thinking about all the crazy animals that exist
I love thinking about things that seem absurd in the world
Because, in a way, it makes me seem a bit
less strange.

(I encourage you guys to look at some of the amazing shapes if you type ‘concrete poetry’ into your search engine of choice. Some of them are amazing…like a shoe or a cupcake!)

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