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I feel like most (or all) of the tags I do have to do with books. And let’s be honest, I love books, but that is not all I do with my life. Recently a blog I follow (The Girl Within the Stacks) did this tag (the original can be found here) and it looked so fun I had to do it! As a title suggests, this tag as all to do with watching TV. So let’s get into it!

1. Favorite TV Shows?

I watch tons of Asian dramas (Chinese, Korean, Thai, you name it). Some of my favorites are Running Man (Korea, reality competition), The Moon that Embraces the Sun (Korea, historical fantasy), Rookie Agent Rouge (China, historical thriller), Dao Kiang Duen (Thailand, comedy romance), and Remote (Japan, mystery), to name a few.

For American television shows, I love Gordon Ramsey, so shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell I will binge watch. I also love most things on HGTV, like House Hunters (I know it’s fake, but I still love it) and Fixer Upper. I’ll watch the rare crime show as well—Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, etc.—but mostly just because my mom loves them.

2. Favorite Genre?

…not sure. Mystery, maybe? Any TV show with mystery in it I’ll watch. It may be horror or fantasy, but if there’s mystery in it, sign me up!

3. Least Favorite Show?

I have a lot of shows I don’t like, but then I just don’t watch them. However, I’m not sure what would be my least favorite show…anything having to do with reality TV, such as Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There’s really no point to those shows besides people being bitchy to each other (forgive my language).

4. Most Re-watched show/Favorite show to binge watch?

Probably Boys Over Flowers (Korean drama, 2009, romantic comedy). I’ve watched that show so many times I don’t even need subtitles to know what everyone is saying! That and Kitchen Nightmares—I swear most of those episodes I’ve seen four or five times.

5. Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge watching?

Neither. I actually like watching when I feel like it. Usually this is one episode a day, but I rarely actually binge a TV show. The reason I rarely watch shows as they are coming out (week by week) is that I usually like to wait until the TV show is done to watch it. If a TV show has a horrible ending, I don’t want to have invested hours watching it.

6. Favorite Television Characters

Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds. I love them both so much! Also Lee Gun in Fated to Love You (Korean version). He’s just so hilarious!

7. Favorite television ships?

This one’s hard, because usually I think of characters as people in of themselves, and I don’t often pair up people. I’ll have a rare movie ship (like Harry and Hermione—though more from the books than the movies), but not often from a TV show…unless you count Korean dramas. Then half the time I’m rooting for the main female lead to end up with the second male lead (like Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae in Who Are You: School 2015. But American shows I definitely don’t have the same passion about.

8. Show You Could Never Get Into

Pretty much every teen drama falls into this category. The Vampire Diaries. Pretty Little Liars. Teen Wolf. Etc. I’ll watch maybe an episode or two, or look up a summary, but I’ve never been able to get into them. Maybe because everything just seems overdramatic…I’m not sure. The shows aren’t bad in themselves; I just have never liked that style of filmmaking.

9. Show You Fell Out of Love With

Once Upon A Time. For the first two seasons, I loved that show. And then the third season was so disappointing I just stopped watching it. It’s like the producers were milking a dead cow…is that even a good analogy?

10. Cancelled Too Soon?

So, technically this show may or may not be cancelled, but they were supposed to come out with a new season each year and the last season was in 2015 (you do the math). That is Chinese web series The Lost Tomb, starring Li Yi Feng and Yang Yang (two of my favorite Chinese actors). I would compare it to The Mummy (the movie) meets Uncharted (the video game). It’s about a group of relic hunters exploring old tombs and dealing with ancient curses. Despite being the most watched web drama of 2015, they have yet to make another season and, honestly, I doubt they ever will. Such a disappointment!

11. Guilty Pleasure Show?

Murder, She Wrote. Maybe that’s not a guilty pleasure for most, but for me it is. Especially since it’s odd that a young millennial like me would be interested in a cozy mystery series about an elderly woman from the 80s/90s. But I just cannot stop loving that show!

12. What Are You Currently Watching?

I’m watching this Chinese drama with the longest title ever (Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms also known as Eternal Love). It’s the most beautiful Chinese drama I’ve ever seen, but so boring it’s a struggle to get through. But I’ve been kind of too busy to watch much television recently.


Again, I’m not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it, feel free to. I’ll be curious to read other people’s answers and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

7 thoughts on “Television Tag

  1. Being Australian, I don’t watch many of those shows mentioned but we have our own versions by the sound of it! I’m more likely to watch a British sit-com, Aussie detective series or lifestyle episodes of Kevin McCloud’s “Grand Designs”.

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  2. I’m glad you did this tag for I saw it on a book tuber’s channel over the weekend and added it to my lists of tags to do. I don’t think I’ve seen any of those shows, though. >.<

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know…I’m pretty sure most people won’t have, since the majority are Asian series. Though I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Criminal Minds (I think you mentioned it on your blog). But I look forward to seeing you do this tag!

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      1. I used to enjoy watching Indian serials, but not anymore. Criminal Minds is basically the only show I’ve stuck with after all these years.

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