NaNoWriMo Day 22

Current Word Count: 38, 478

I’ve been reading a lot of other writers’ posts about NaNoWriMo the last couple of days, and in a sense it is making me feel better about myself. Not that I feel superior, but to the contrary that my struggles are not so uncommon. I perhaps see myself too much as an author trying to swim upstream on a river of words while everyone else is in a speedboat sailing past me.

That is, of course, not the case. It’s nice to read others’ stories because it makes me realize I am not alone in the month’s struggle. Some people have given up, some people are behind schedule, and some people already finished the challenge. But wherever you are or I am, we are still pretty awesome just to have determined in our deluded minds that NaNoWriMo was a great idea.

Shout out to the madness of whoever invented NaNoWriMo (I will find you…).

But anyway, there is a little over a week left and I cannot wait for it to be done! Now, back to listening to Zen music and writing my horrid book.

8 days left…

Madame Writer

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