NaNoWriMo Day 18

Current Word Count: 29,358

I was a little short on words today and only managed to write about 1,000. Only. It sounds so strange to say ‘only’ when referring to writing a 1,000 words in one day. A month ago, I would have been thrilled if I wrote that much in one day, but now I’m disappointed by that number. I suppose it’s all about expectations. If you expect to do nothing, and you do something, it’s exciting. But if you expect the world and get less, then it’s disappointing.

I suppose this is Saturday. Weekends always seem busier, whether it’s because of shopping, spending time with family/friends, or doing all the things that I don’t do during the week (like go to the library).

But honestly, just getting nearly thirty thousand words done in one month is, for me, groundbreaking. So, again, it comes back to perspective. That’s why I’m a cynic in life. I expect the worst and when life deals me a mediocre result, I’m pleased.

12 days left…

Madame Writer

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