NaNoWriMo Day 14

Current Word Count: 22,849

Middles are always the most challenging aspects to writing a book. Beginning are easy. You introduce main characters, set up a problem, and examine a world (real or fanciful). Ending are also pretty tolerable. You conclude the story and conflicts, but often leave a few questions left.

But middles, that’s the true strain on a writer’s mind. Not only do you have to set up the ending, but you have to balance developing characters, plot, action/inaction, and setting. It’s just too much to think about for my little brain.

Clearly, I’m in the middle of my book. The good news is that I came up with some plot twists which will at least lengthen the book a bit (hopefully up to my word goal). But, boy, are middles my own inner demons. At this point, I’ve practically given up describing things in detail and am just laying down the bones of the story. That is, just putting in what I need.

In fact, right now it feels like more of an incredibly detailed outline instead of a fleshed-out book. Perhaps that is why I am having such issues with getting the correct word count. When I go back and rewrite this book, I’m pretty sure it could be easily lengthened to over 100,000 words just by adding descriptions and explaining things more thoroughly.

But for now, my story will be bones.

Sixteen days left…

Madame Writer

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