NaNoWriMo Day 11

Current Word Count: 17,638

So, I’m currently having a problem with my book. If you guys would be willing to offer any suggestions, I would be grateful. I picked out a simple plot on purpose so I wouldn’t have to do too much research, but I’m finding the further along I get in the story that I really don’t have enough plot to make it into a full book. In fact, I’m almost reaching the climax and the story may be finished after only twenty-five thousand words (aprox.), making it a novella.

This is unfortunate, as it means that it doesn’t count for writing a fifty thousand word book. I thought about just finishing this one and starting another (thus I would still get fifty thousand words done, but it would be of two stories, not one). My only other options are to give up (which I refuse to do) or try to flesh out the book I’m working on right now (which I can imagine only adding five thousand words, but not twenty-five).

What do you guys think? Would it count if I wrote two different books that add up to fifty thousand words? Or should I try to make this one longer (which means major revision)?


Madame Writer

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