NaNoWriMo Day 8

Current Word Count: 13,270

There’s certain days that you want to scrap your story, hide in your room in the dark, and repeat over and over again, “I’m a horrible writer.” But today is not that day. At least, not yet. Today has actually been a good day when it came to writing for me. Not only did I do more words then I was supposed to do, but the scene turned out pretty heart-pounding (it is a thriller I’m writing, after all).

That feeling of success…don’t let anyone (even yourself) take that away from you. Sure, maybe the book isn’t great, but you are still doing the work to try to perfect it. And, without that feeling of victory, there will be no point to feeling the failure. Writing for me has always been about making myself happy foremost. I don’t think I could write anything I hated.

I feel so bad for those authors that continue series just because they are making money or in a contract with a publishing company. As writers, if you don’t like what you write, than you’re writing will not be as good. This is reality. That is one of the reasons I never liked writing for school, because we students were given perimeters that rather stifled my creativity.

What to you constitutes your best writing? That which you like the best? Or that which others praise you for? I’m curious. Let me know down in the comments, I’ll see you tomorrow, and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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