NaNoWriMo Day 2

Current Word Count: 3,387

Currently I’m working to not get distracted (mostly from Korean dramas; the addiction is real). However, I did end up at least getting 1,381 words done today, and since I was ahead yesterday I haven’t fallen behind (yet).

Today I wanted to talk about distractions, because honestly NaNoWriMo requires a lot of concentration and I feel like many of us, including myself, get easily distracted by life, web, Youtube, etc. So how to I stay focused?

One thing I’ve learned is to set aside some time where you force yourself to sit in front of the computer (or notebook and pen) and not go on Facebook or your social media of choice. Put on some mood music and get your favorite drink beside you (my choice is usually tea). I have gone so far as to disconnect my router to not get internet. But basically, get rid of distractions. I’m lucky enough that my house is pretty quiet and my family understands when I lock myself in my room to write, but if you don’t have that, consider going to the library or other quiet plac.

Another thing that helps me stay focus is to not get into anything (whether book or TV show) which might cause me to get inspired to write something else. I always say that inspiration comes from everywhere, so just avoid things that inspire you to write something other then what you’re writing and watch shows and books that inspire your currant book.

But I think the best, most helpful thing, to me is accountability. This is why I started this daily blog for November, because knowing that you guys are seeing my word count keeping up-to-date with my failure (or possible success) keeps me determined to succeed. For you, telling your friends and family might help. Odds are, they’ll probably keep asking you throughout the month how it’s going, which will encourage you to work hard. For me being a member of an online group has never been helpful, but you might find it otherwise.

And whether we keep focus this month or not, remember: this challenge it’s supposed to be stressful. It’s supposed to be fun and inspiring and get you to write more than you would usually. So, if you lose focus, just take a deep breath and come back to the moment you felt certain you would succeed.

What’s you’re word count so far? What are your best tips to staying focused? Let me know down in the comments, I’ll see you tomorrow, and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,

Madame Writer

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